Challenge 2 - Make a Calculator

Challenge 2: Make a Calculator

Problem Statement

  • Write a code which will take:
    • Two variables named a and b
    • a character type variable called operator which will take operators (+,-,/,*,%) will be passed as input to our match statement
    • Use match statements to compute: addition of a and b, subtraction of b from a, multiplication of a and b, division of a by b, modulus of a by b

Sample Input

Suppose three inputs are given:

a = 3,  b = 2,  operator = '+' 
a = 3 , b = 2,  operator = '(' 
a = 3 , b = 0,  operator = '/' 

Sample Output

The output of the program corresponding to input:

invalid operator
Division by 0 is undefined

Coding Exercise

It is recommended​ that you try solving the exercise yourself before viewing the solution.

Important Note: In the code below you only have to write the match construct. Assume that _a is the first number, _operator is the operator and _b is the second number.

For any invalid operator passed as input the program should print invalid

fn test(a: i32, operator: char, b: i32) {
   // Write code here

Good luck!🤞